Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Creamsicle Shake

This evening I needed some motivation to do homework. And I said, Hey. There's still some ice cream in the freezer.
Don't look at me like that... I needed a reward for doing the dishes. And I didn't use too much ice cream... there wasn't that much left. ^_^

2 scoops ice cream
a little mandarin orange juice

combine; stir until delicious.

Hotty and I went to the Asian food market the other day and picked up some mandarin orange juice, among other things. I'd never had it, and upon trying it I discovered it to be like regular orange juice, except that it tastes good. :)

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Elizabeth said...

Similar to this, and maybe cheaper, that I tried over Christmas break was a creamsicle float... Vanilla ice cream and orange soda...YUM!