Wednesday, January 27, 2010

To-Make List, Updated

1. Coupon Holder
2. Small pouch for bookmarks
3. Bookmarks, of the fabric and ribbon variety
4. Duvet cover out of T-shirts
5. Rings, of the button and Scrabble tile variety
6. Wooden keychains (beaded ones, also)
7. Mat for framed Proclamation to the World
8. Pouch for contact paraphernalia
9. Large bag to carry around the large blanket I'm crocheting for Hotty
10. Lunch bag
11. Tissue holder

Strange how I work on things, but my list doesn't get shorter, it grows. :/

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Keeping My Life Pretty

So I've seen a couple different posts amongst all the blogs I'm collecting, concerning covers for sewing machines. Apparently you're supposed to have them... question mark? They do useful things like keeping dust out of the machinery, and they also look very pretty, if you so desire.
So, using this tutorial, I went ahead and made one! What do you think??

It's reversible; the other side is brown, and instead of bothering with troublesome things like measuring and cutting to make the cover short enough (it's quite tall), I folded the bottom up a couple times to make a cute cuff! So that you can see both fabrics at one time, and admire how well they go together. :)

Also, you might notice what's sitting on the table next to my sewing machine. Those would be bookmarks.



When I got married, my cousins got together and gave me some scrapbooking supplies. Which, to be honest, I don't really... well, scrapbooking just isn't my thing. Sorry, Mom. Anyway, included with those supplies were these really pretty pages of what looked like scrapbook paper, but were actually stickers. AND the awesome patterns were accompanied by coordinating solids. ^_^
So what I did here was take a used-up Barnes and Noble gift card, cut it in half, cut some of my scrapbook stickers down to size, and apply them to the cards! Super easy, and now I have some cute bookmarks!!

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Very important question

Ok, guys. I have a question for all my LDS friends. See, I really like the idea of making fer-cute rings, like this one and this one. But I don't know how I feel about using elastic. So... am I a bad person if I glue cute decorative things to an adjustable CTR ring?? Is that just too sacrilegious?  Where else could I find an adjustable ring that I could glue cute things to... do they sell them in craft stores?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sewing Machine Frenzy!!

So I finally worked out my camera issues. Here's the pencil case:

Now, I admit that the photography is not the best. And that I should have made sure you could see the bow when I took the rolled-up picture. But isn't it cute!? I'm so proud of myself!

And then, because I was so excited about the color combo (I bought both of those fabrics on my JoAnn binge, BTW), I made a cute hair clip following this tutorial! I made the flower and then sewed it onto a clippy. I wear it all the time... which I'm beginning to suspect Hotty thinks is a little silly.

I feel so crafty and domestic!

AND I linked to a party on Fireflies and Jellybeans!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Current To-Make list

1. Coupon holder
2. Sewing Machine Cover
3. T-shirt duvet cover
4. Button Ring
5. Wooden Keychain(s?)
6. Framed Proclamation to the World (akin to this)

Man, I've got a lot to do!


I covet this:

Someday soon, I look forward to either owning it, or checking it out from the library. It'll be great. I've seen it on a lot of blogs lately, and it was featured in a giveaway just a couple days ago, on a blog I only discovered today(sad!). One day, friends.

In other news, I promise pictures of my pencil-case really are coming. I have taken the pictures, and I was going to put them up today. The only problem is that my Mac at work isn't friends with my four-and-a-half-year-old (read: technologically obsolete) Sony digital camera. Go figure.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

How excited? TOO excited!!

Hi guys!! So Christmas was pretty fantastic (can anyone say, "iPod touch"?!) and among all the excellent things I got, Hotty's parents gave me a sewing machine!! Oh em gee, guys!

I went to JoAnn a couple days after Christmas and raided the remnant fabric shelves. I bought a lot of stuff, and at the end of it I was surprised to realize I'd only spent $30! Nice. :)

I picked some colors out and made a fabulous craft. I haven't taken any pictures of it, although it's on my to-do list. But it's super-cute, I promise! I made a pencil case to put in my scripture bag, so I can keep track of my colored pencils at church. It's related to this and this, and pictures are coming! Stay tuned! :)