Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Current To-Make list

1. Coupon holder
2. Sewing Machine Cover
3. T-shirt duvet cover
4. Button Ring
5. Wooden Keychain(s?)
6. Framed Proclamation to the World (akin to this)

Man, I've got a lot to do!


Kelli said...

oh em gee! i have those wooden keychains marked to make, too!
And I'm on the fence about a sewing machine cover. I have one but never use it.
Oh, and I'm like you about running. Though I haven't gotten to the getting-back-to-it part...

Indecisive said...

Well, since every single sewing machine cover tutorial I've seen includes an anecdote about someone getting yelled at for letting all kinds of dust get into their machine... I'm a little nervous? Question mark? The percentage of time I spend actually using the thing compared to the amount of time it spends sitting there not getting used makes me feel like I'm neglecting it or something. I want it to feel loved!

Plus, the fabric I'm using for the case is dang adorable.