Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It's been a while since my last update. I'm bad at blogging, I suppose.

The other day I made some rice bags. I had three things that lent themselves to the project: an unmatched sock, a shirt with only one sleeve, and a couple sewing kits. So I guess it's pretty obvious what happened. I cut the extra sleeve off my t-shirt (the other one got donated to the cleaning rag cause a number of months ago), sewed up one end, filled it with rice, and sewed up the other end. The sock got filled and sewed, as well. They live in the freezer right now, for cold-compress purposes. The great thing about using rice instead of ice is twofold. I don't need to use a towel between the bag and my skin, like I would with a plastic bag of ice, because the bag is made of fabric. And if I need to apply heat, I can throw it in the microwave. Hooray!

We're moving soon. We have an apartment all picked out and ready to be lived in, and we're moving up to it by the end of the month. Right now this translates into trying to tidy our place right now and get rid of as much junk as possible. I know we could do a massive bout of streamlining; it's gathering the energy and stamina to do it that's hard. The other project currently going on is packing. This is my least favorite part of the moving process, but right now it's ok because I have so much time. I feel very lesiurely about it all, although that might change next week. Hotty is really good at packing, though, for which I am OH SO GRATEFUL. I'm A OK with carrying boxes and with unpacking them, and if he can help with the packing process, it will all be just fine.
The boxes aren't even going to be the hard part, though. What's going to be a real beast will be the furniture, including the bed, desk, and (ugh) the piano. Yes, I have a piano. A real, upright, 500-pound piano (I'm actually not sure how heavy it is; the only precision I have is 'very'). I think we might rent a U-Haul for the furniture. :/

Some time in the future comes the decorating of the apartment, which I have to admit to being completely clueless about.


emily said...

yeah we're still decorating and we moved in here mid-may. given we went on a three week vacation. but still. i'm sure you will do a lovely job--- and know that i totally feel for ya.

Anonymous said...

need help? I foresee a rather fun party if the three of us get together and kick the men out to a korean resteraunt!