Thursday, November 5, 2009

Further Domesticity

My house is not the aspect of my life in which I take the most pride, just now. It needs to be organized, dusted, swept, mopped, vacuumed, scrubbed, AND decorated. I'm thinking of taking a detour home from work today by way of IKEA (from which I conveniently work right across the street) and dropping some of my paycheck there. We'll see how that goes.

Let's talk about bedrooms. I'm trying to think of ways to make mine more pleasant, because even though Hotty's argument that it's too small to do anything in there but sleep is certainly cogent, I still want it to look nice. Looking at IKEA's Bedrooms Inspiration page on the website, the two items I like the most are the wall shelves and the wall-mounted reading lights.

Don't they look useful? I have a corner in my room where nothing currently resides, but where things like my journal and my scriptures could go, if there were shelves on which to put them. And I've always liked reading in bed, as a nice pre-sleeping ritual. It would be nice to have a light right there so I could again. It's such a relief to be in a house where I can actually put holes in the walls; not having to think of a way to do this sans holes makes my life so much easier.

My other ambition is to paint the room. Hotty's parents remodeled their house last summer, and they still have a lot of paint left from the process. They used some awesome colors, which I would love to have in my own house. I just need to find out from the landlord if we can; no permission = sad me.

Mostly, what I need is to clean it first. That's what I want to do when I go home today; I need to pull out odious things like the mop and the vacuum. Hopefully the ambition and drive I feel right now, at 11 am, can carry through to when I get home. Wish me luck!

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